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LIGNIA Wood Company

LIGNIA Wood Company, a global manufacturer of wood products, sources wood from FSC®-certified softwoods, and the wood then undergoes a unique modification process to turn it into ‘LIGNIA.’ A highly versatile and small movement wood product (reduced shrinking and swelling), LIGNIA products are suitable for various exterior and interior applications, including decking, siding, flooring, doors, and windows in varying climates.

LIGNIA® and LIGNIA Fire® are beautiful and durable modified wood whose properties match or exceed those of most hardwoods. LIGNIA Fire meets Class A spread rating extended to 30 minutes following ASTM E84-20 methods. The wood products carry a 50-year warranty against rot and fungal decay.

LIGNIA Fire®, with its flame-retardant properties locked in at molecular level through the modification process, does not require surface coating or after-market applications of fire-retardance to achieve this rating, making LIGNIA Fire® unique.