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Chasing Affordable Zero

SYMBI Duplex One rendering

Nicole Tysvaer and Matt Kulp initially started their contracting company, Galaxy Homes, in Hyattsville, Md., to do custom new builds and remodels in the Washington, D.C., metro area. But along the way, Tysvaer had a feeling there must be a way to bring that same level of craft and sustainability to new homes for the average buyer.

 “Back in 2010, I started looking to build a new home for my family in Chevy Chase, Md.,” Tysvaer says, “and I quickly became frustrated with the paucity of options for green building and the exorbitant prices associated with energy-efficient and environmentally friendly upgrades. Matt and I met in 2012 when he courageously took on the role of general contractor for this uniquely modern, high-performance house. After that project was completed, we decided to work together full-
time in pursuit of making sustainable home building ubiquitous in the D.C. metro area.”

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